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Carpet Made Using Bangalore's Marigold Flowers Enters Guinness Records

The freshly-harvested flower consignment was managed by Air India (Singapore Airport Terminal Services) SATS CoolPort to ensure maximum freshness and longer shelf-life of the marigolds..

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'World's Largest Flower Carpet' Made Out of Bengaluru's Marigold in Dubai Enters Guinness Records

The Bengaluru airport shipped 41,444 kg of marigold flowers to Dubai, enabling the creation of the world's largest flower carpet, an airport official said here on..

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Over 41,000 kg of marigolds airlifted from Bengaluru to create world's largest flower carpet in Dubai

The flowers were airlifted from Kempegowda Airport for the Dubai Festival City. A total of 41.45 tonne (41,450 kg) of marigold flowers was airlifted from the..

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Bengaluru Airport Helps Create World's Largest Flower Carpet

Bengaluru airport helps create the world's largest flower carpet. Flowers of Tolerance in Dubai entered the Guinness Book of World Records with the carpet.

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Largest flower carpet record attempt gets underway in Dubai

People of different nationalities create the largest natural flower carpet to showcase the UAE's tolerance and unity of its residents

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Huge flower carpet takes over Dubai Festival City carpark – in pictures

Thousands of volunteers laying out fresh flowers in an attempt to create the world's largest fresh flower carpet with the theme of Tolerance to highlight the..

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UAE set to roll out world’s largest fresh flower carpet at Dubai Festival City

The UAE Ministry of Tolerance has started making the world's largest natural flower carpet with 5,000 volunteers from 150 nationalities at the Dubai..

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Bengaluru airport helps create world's largest flower carpet

The modern facilities at the international airport here helped organisers of Flowers of Tolerance in Dubai enter the Guinness Book of World Records for..

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Mega 'pookkalam'

A mega floral carpet ('pookkalam') will be arranged at the Collectorate Ground here on September 17 in connection with the Onam celebration. The record-breaking pookkalam would occupy 20,000 sq ft area and was all set to be the largest floral carpet ever arranged, M.K. Abdul Salam of Globerz..

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Mammoth design

A mega Pookkalam arranged on Collectorate Ground in Kannur on Saturday. The organisers said the Pookkalam occupied a 20,000-sq. ft area. It was arranged by Globerz Entertainment and sponsored by Elemecs Wedding Centre here..

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